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The Skinny: Seasoned restaurant professional striking out on their own for the first time needs to plan and execute restaurant opening in line with budget and ensure that the restaurant is set up to perform in line with investor’s expectations.

The Project: Develop projections that allow the owner and investors to understand the expected investment and return. Track capital expenditures versus budget and ensure that the project stays within budget in terms of time and cost. Once open, provide financial oversight to ensure that objectives are met and keep owner and investors apprised of results.

The Outcome – in the Restaurateur’s Words:

“I would highly recommend AOC SF’s services to any Restaurateur looking to better manage their money and business. AOC SF helped me with the start-up of my restaurant and did an excellent job assessing my costs and needs throughout the entire process. The numbers and projections were spot on and helped immensely so that I was NOT undercapitalized, which is the problem with so many start-ups. Laurie and Chad are not just great with numbers – they are great problem solvers and are always very solution oriented. And that is worth its weight in gold!”

– Sharon Ardiana, Owner of Gialina


The Skinny: Owners do not have time or desire to personally handle day to day financial matters, do not want managers saddled with “excess admin” and do not want or need to train, hire and oversee full time financial person(s). They require timely and accurate data necessary to run the business most profitably with a minimum of their time required.

The Project: The operations of the finance department, from processing of vendor invoices and payroll, to sales and property tax, to financial statement presentation, bank reconciliations and cash flow forecasting and budgeting, is outsourced to AOC SF. A Client Manager provides a single contact for all members of the restaurant management team. Proactive financial planning allows the restaurant to establish goals and track progress against the targets, for the restaurant as a whole as well as each member of the management team.

The Outcome – in the Restaurateur’s Words:

“Unlike other restaurant accounting and consulting firms we’ve worked with in the past, the people at AOC SF are much more than just accountants—they are very bright financial advisors who look at our restaurants from an outside perspective and and help us track, trend and manage our finances most effectively.”

– Justin Hafen and John Hurley of Garibaldis on Presidio and Garibaldis on College

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