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How do you charge – hourly rate, fixed fee or other arrangement?

We have varying fee structures based on the nature, timing, scope and size of the project. Our ongoing monthly back office/accounting service is typically a fixed monthly fee, which varies depending on the service package selected. Project and consulting work can be either hourly or a fixed fee. We endeavor to make the fee structure and billing schedule work for our clients and are happy to customize a solution that works for you.

Is my restaurant big enough / too big for your services?

Our clients come in literally all shapes/concepts as well as sizes, from under $1 million in annual sales to over $30 million, and from single location to multi unit chains. If you are interested in finding out about AOC, please contact us and we’ll be happy to speak with you and efficiently determine if we can help you with your business needs.

My restaurant isn’t open yet; when should I talk to you about your services?

If you are interested in AOC acting as your “back office” and outsourcing all your day to day accounting to us, it’s never too early to speak with us. We would much rather get involved early, before you open, to ensure that the systems are set up properly and avoid any last minute rushes. Our fee structure does not change based on when you bring us on board, so it’s cost effective to bring us on board earlier.

I don’t need ongoing accounting help, I just want you to set up my systems for me. Can you do just this?

Yes. And then we’ll go away, if you’d like.

Do you only work with restaurants?

The majority of our clients are restaurants but we also do work with food service companies, wineries and negociants. At this time, we do not do general accounting work for other industries. If in doubt, feel free to contact us and if we are unable to help you, we’ll do our best to provide you with references or help you find someone who can assist you.

Can you set up my LLC or Corporation for me?

No, we are not lawyers and do not provide legal advice or services, but know good professionals in this arena who specialize in corporate set up (as well as lease review, HR issues, etc.) and can point you in the right direction, then liaison with them to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

Do you do taxes?

We handle sales tax, property tax, and local city payroll based taxes for our clients but do not prepare income taxes. We can recommend a professional for this purpose and then work with whomever you select to do your tax work to make your year-end tax preparation as efficient as possible.

What are your favorite restaurants? (no client schilling allowed)

We get this question quite a bit, which is nice, and the answer does change but here are some current favorites.

What restaurant have you never been to and really want to go to?

Easy. Manresa.

What are your favorite food sites/blogs?

It’s easy to waste a good two hours a day reading food blogs. Here’s Laurie’s “morning round up”:

In terms of favorite “food” sites…

And not to forget wine…

Do you blog?

Laurie does – not every day or even every week but when something (serious or not) resonates with her.

What does AOC mean?

Click here for the answer.

Who do you recommend for key services such as insurance, credit card processing, IT, POS sales/install, legal, secret shopping services, PR, and so on?

We routinely help our clients with key relationships in these areas, and others, by not only making introductions but helping to secure the best rates and service. Let us know what you need. We recommend professionals we have worked with for years, who have earned our respect and our trust.

What are some pieces of information that you think every restaurateur should keep handy?

Obviously, every business is different but here are some general links we think most restaurateurs may want to have in their “favorites” file for easy access.

What is the one piece of advice you have for a restaurateur?

Never underestimate the value of your presence in your restaurant.

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